Both dogecoin (Doge mama crypto) and bitcoin are a type of cryptocurrency, the principle of which is blockchain, and there are many articles on science.

A blockchain is simply a distributed database that stores large amounts of transaction information on multiple computers (mining machines) around the world and always keeps the information in sync. So any transaction is fetched and recorded by all servers around the world after a certain delay. Also, each bitcoin wallet is represented by two strings of numbers, a public key and a private key. If you know the public key, you can send bitcoins to that wallet; if you know the private key, you can transfer bitcoins from that wallet to someone else.

Analogously, you log in with a password in an online game, then buy a hero skin to give to your friend, then you lose points and your friend gains the skin, this process is recorded by the game servers, essentially without error, and both you and your friend know that the gifting process was reached. Bitcoin trading is switching this recorder from the game servers to all the mining machines in the world so that there is no one game vendor who can manipulate your game account.

And because of the current computing power limitations of computers, it is possible to secure the account and control the rate of bitcoin production. The relevant code is open source, including code for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other coins can be seen directly on Github

Strictly speaking, transactions in bitcoin or dogecoin are done through the command line or on a graphical interface developed by the developers, and no other fiat or virtual coins are involved. However, because the biggest role of these virtual coins is currently speculation, and the arrival time for real bitcoins is about an hour and for dogecoins about a minute, it is very inconvenient for strangers to trade directly in fiat currency. For convenience, most virtual coin transactions are on virtual coin platforms, where all coins are hosted on the trading platform, and then the platform records how many of each coin you hold for this account. This is a complex transaction process that requires mining the blockchain, storing data, and synchronizing data with all mining machines, but it turns into a platform where you can just pour your left hand over your right hand and keep an account. The only time you need to actually send and receive bitcoins is when you deposit them to the platform, or when you want to transfer them back to your wallet from the platform.

It’s practically the same as buying and selling shares with no dividends or decision-making power and has nothing to do with the decentralisation of virtual currencies, except for anonymity. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that is almost identical to Bitcoin, except that it came out a little later (13 years), but it’s not new either. The code for this coin was copied from Litecoin in just three hours, and the mintage is so large that although the total growth rate is not fast (about 5% more per year), it can never be mined. It’s not as good as the “limited quantity” gimmick of various coins. But because its logo is cute, entertaining and topical, it’s one of the few virtual coins that hasn’t died in almost a decade and is often used as a bounty currency for Reddit and some live streams, with tens of thousands of bounties. Recently it seems that the price has skyrocketed because the virtual coin has caught fire for some reason and because the richest man, Musk, often posts dogecoin segments.

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