Movies are magical right? With the help of our current technology, movies can make anything look real when in reality some or most of the things we see in the movie are just fake props or were edited into them. For example, food in movies- some are real and some are fake realistic looking food. 


Whenever we see gambling scenes in movies, we would wonder if they are actually playing for real or if it was just simply acting. Some would probably wonder if they are even gambling correctly. 


There are several exciting gambling movies. The theme is ideal for cinematography because it acts as a fantastic metaphor of life- we’re all making stakes and expecting them to succeed. What’s more, a casino is a bright place that looks successful on the screen even beyond the language of symbols: it’s dangerous, exciting and emotional. 


Comparing real-life gambling with how it is depicted, however, one can notice some fundamental differences which are interesting to analyze. Let’s talk about the mistakes movies make when portraying gambling. 


Calling and Raising Simultaneously 


You may have seen the scenes in movies portraying poker games where a character is calling and raising at the same time. That is the breach of poker rules because in the real game, you can’t do that. Players will call or lift but not all of them together. For poker, you still make an announcement that’s single and final – you call or raise.


You ‘re never going to see people doing that at the poker table, so we’re suggesting that you stop these actions – it would be a lot of discomfort to other players. It is used by the directors to intensify feelings and create some suspense.


Poker Hands


For most movies, this would look pretty absurd when a character has a poker hand. Generally, they’re as good as a few full houses plus flush, plus royal flush. In fact, these combinations are uncommon because it is almost impossible to have a mixture of combinations. Movies such as Casino Royale (2006) and Maverick (1994) transform poker scenes into something mystical while not.


You Can Get Beat Up By Guards


Some casino movies show “genius gamblers,” who count cards, and hence-win millions. Typically they beat up these good players when the safeguard sees that, and throw them away from a casino. Two theories are in here. Second, if you count cards it’s difficult to win millions.


Your chances of winning any cash increase but it’s not big. Furthermore, it is not unlawful to count cards-this is a common technique. And, of course, the safeguard doesn’t look for a chance to harm you – they’re just preserving the order in the casino.


Casinos Are Owned By Mafia And Criminal Gangs


Casino movies like Casino (1995) directed by Martin Scorsese show that gambling is regulated by fairly dark organisations. Typically such owners are nuts and their hands are coated in blood. Criminals in the past operated casinos in Las Vegas to launder money, but that is a rare occurrence today. 

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