Looking for men’s watches in Malaysia? When you are buying a smartphone, you will want to buy one every iteration or two. In other words, it is something that is part of a scheme of planned obsolescence where its features and parts are already outdated each and every year.

But, watches do not share the same thing. In fact, the older the watch gets, the higher its value becomes. A vintage mechanical watch, for example, may be sold at a cheap $300 back in the day. But, if it is still alive 30 years later, you can bet that it will be sold for about 100-200 times more than its original asking price.

Vintage watches, therefore, have increased in popularity in the past decade or so thanks to the internet. With so many resources available today, people are now more aware of horological timepieces and how they appreciate in value over time.

If you are thinking of buying your own vintage watch, read this article first to find out the things that you should know before purchasing one.

Why Vintage?

A lot of people who do not know about the value of vintage watches would argue that buying a newer watch will be so much better as an investment than buying some watches of old.

Sure, you can do that. In fact, it may even last a lot longer than a vintage watch, given the proper care and maintenance. But if you are buying a newer watch, you are going to bet that other people might be wearing it too.

You see, what makes vintage watches more appealing is the fact that you not only embrace a part of horological history but you are also wearing something that is so rare that people would almost always look at your timepiece than any others.

What You Can Expect

Because vintage watches are old, you should have them serviced every couple of years so that they remain performing in tip-top condition. Aside from that, you should never think of them as more accurate than modern watches like a Quartz, for example, mainly because their watch movement is, by default, not accurate from the get-go.

But, there’s something about these watches that hold so much promise. Wearing one is quite different knowing that you are wearing something that is already a part of history. If anything, you are going to form a special bond with your vintage watch if you ever manage to buy one off of the online auction.


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