Some of the youngsters from the new generation dislike reading since they prefer gadgets and technology over any hobbies out there. Even some of the adults find it hard to read often since they would rather do online gambling or invest in forex trading through sites like forex market brokers vietnam. The reliance on technology has made people less interested to try hobbies like reading since it is too boring for them. It is natural that not everyone can be a good reader since those who have a short attention span and low concentration skills obviously face some trouble whenever they read. They might fall asleep easily or get distracted to the point they have to repeat what they are reading many times. Hence, it is not surprising that they get bored quickly with this hobby.

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This is not the end for you if you want to try reading again, however. Read on to figure out how to make reading fun if you are not a good reader.

Join A Book Club

It is always said that having a partner when starting a new hobby could make it more enjoyable rather than trying it out on your own. This is because having other people who share the same interest as you would mean you could have their support and influence. This means that joining a book club will help you to enjoy reading with other people around you. Besides an opportunity to make new friends, the fellow members of your book club can bond through the meetings you held weekly. During the meetings, it is common that you review and discuss the book chosen for that session. Many book clubs are very active in their meetings and there are cases where those who have been bad readers end up obsessed with reading after joining the club.

Exchanging Books

It is true that buying your own could be very satisfying, but exchanging books with your friends has its charm too. Why do people exchange books when they can just buy the books they want to read? Easy. Some books might be hard to get due to the limited copies available or cases where the books are no longer printed. For example, it is highly possible that classic books or your favorite childhood novels might not be sold in the current market. Thus, you can exchange the books with your friends who still own a copy of that book with them. Not only can you borrow the books, but recommending the works from your favorite authors is also fun. 

Purchase E-books

Some people might dislike reading due to the thick pages and overwhelming amount of words they see every time they turn a new page. This means that switching to e-books might pique your interest to read more since the pages do not seem that much as you scroll down the pages of the book on your smartphone’s screen.

Last Words

All in all, here are some of the ways for you to make reading fun if you are not a fan of this particular hobby. Take it slow and enjoy the books you decided to read!


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