Advertisements back in the days were very different compared to the ones we see today, in many shapes or forms. For instance, during the 1900’s, also known as “The Golden Age of Advertising”, advertisements came in the form of newspaper, billboard, radio and television advertisements. Not that all of these forms of advertising are obsolete, some of them still exist, but there are many different and new ways of advertising since the Internet became prominent in our daily lives. 

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The emergence of smartphones also changed the way we see the world. Advertisements back in the day were solely created for the purpose to sell to consumers. This is because back in those days, media were limited to television and radio. When it came to television advertisements, viewers didn’t really have other things to distract them from watching it, unlike today, you could be scrolling through social media when your favorite TV show is on commercial break.

Therefore, it can be said that in the modern world, everything has changed. People don’t like hard selling anymore, thus advertising today has also changed to serve the purpose of communicating and connecting with audiences. Advertisements have moved from being product-centric to consumer-centric. If you take the time to pay attention to the ads you have seen, you can see that advertisers will design the ads deliberately to connect with the target audience of the business. The truth is that people are more likely to buy products from companies that they can relate with.

We can see that people nowadays don’t really trust the commercials that they see anymore. Since people can have many different brands to choose from, even though it’s just for one product, consumers tend to be more careful with their decisions. Part of the reason that this happens is also due to the excessive bombardment of advertisements online, to the point where consumers are willing to pay extra to see those annoying ads removed.

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It’s true that there are many cases of scamming and fraud online. Therefore, advertisers today have a hard time convincing consumers that the products/services that they are advertising are authentic and trustworthy. This can be a major headache for business owners who  are genuinely looking to reach out to consumers too. One of the solutions to this issue is for business owners to look for the services of custom website designers malaysia. With proper help from digital professionals, business owners not only are able to solve their advertising problems, but are also able to build their digital presence and brand identity long-term wise.

As for the future trends of advertising, we can start to foresee that User-Generated Content is going to be the future of advertising. We can see that social media indeed has a huge impact on the way of living. People trust people, therefore, contents such as social media updates, live videos, podcasts and reviews online are slowly taking over the world of advertising.


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