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What is organic food

Organic food is an agricultural product and livestock that are grown or raised without the use of synthetic pesticides and hormone drugs. Livestocks in organic farms are also given the freedom of walking around in a pasture and are given organic feed. There are many reasons to transition to an organic which can provide healthy benefits. It can be hard to fully convert to an organic lifestyle and their expensive price will turn most people away from buying them. However it was proven beneficial to your health and the environment if you choose to change to an organic diet.  Here are some tips that you can utilize for buying organic foods on a budget.

1. Buy from your local farmers market 

There are a lot of great deals that you can find near your local farmers market. You can find an abundance of local fruits, vegetables, and many other products at a lower price. The food they sell are fresh, are grown locally and you have direct access to the farmers themselves if you have any questions regarding a product, for example, how they grow their food, where they grow, and whether or not it’s organic.

2. Get a CSA share

What is a CSA you ask ? Well a CSA is a community supported agriculture program and when you sign up for it, you will have a weekly delivery of fresh produce delivered right to your doorstep. The box will consist of a variety of farm produce depending on the season and for $25 a week, it truly is a budget friendly bargain. Depending on the size of your family, there are different sizes of boxes that you can get and it will easily last you the entire week.

3. Buy in bulk

Truly one of the best budget tips that you can get is to buy organic foods in bulk. What does it mean by bulk ? for beef, try buying a quarter side of beef. That’s ¼ of a side of a grass fed cow. From buying this, you can easily get around 40-50 pounds  of ground beef, 6 to 7 bones and short ribs. It also includes porterhouses, roast and soup bones if you want to. See what we meant by buying in bulk? Prices range from $2.25-$5 per pound depending on your local market but that’s the usual price range.

4. Shop in season 

Organic produce depends significantly on the season. For example, there might be an abundance of apples during spring but they might be scarce during winter. Thus the prices on apples might be cheaper in spring rather than in winter because of their supply. When you shop in season, you can save a lot of money. By buying organic foods depending on the season, you can also substitute other ingredients with products on that season, this will help you to try out new dishes with new ingredients and who knows you might just create a new dish entirely !

5. Grow your own food.

Ever wanted to grow your own food? Why not start right away ! You can easily grow your own food with just a little time and space. A small patch of land in your backyard can turn into a garden of organic crops in the right hand. This can significantly help in saving your money since you will be growing your own produce rather than buying them in the market. It also makes it much more satisfying and rewarding when your loved ones eat food that you grow yourselves.

Well we hope that these tips and tricks can help you to transition into an organic lifestyle. As the health benefits of eating organic produce is abundant, why not make the transition today?