Electronic components play a big role in our industry.

There have been so many factory industries opened up here in our country since the development of technology such as automotive, computer, telecommunication, and many more. So now, let’s talk about these types of industries and how they function in the economy. There are three major types of industrial and it is called the outline of industry. These following outlines provided an overview of and topical guide to these industries. 

Industry, in economics and economic geography, refers to the production of an economic good or service within an economy. Basically, there are three major types of industries which are primary, secondary and tertiary. Each of these three major industries represent different kinds of business and activities. 

Omron electronics components in Malaysia

  • Primary Industry 

Primary industry economically depends on the environment of the specific region. The economics activities revolve around the usage of natural resources on this planet such as water, minerals and earth. This industry’s major economic activities are more towards harvesting, mining, fisheries, agriculture, forestry, extraction, mountain engineering industries and many more. These activities are forced to utilize the natural resources and considered the most crucial in order to develop the countries. In some developing countries, this primary sector usually is their largest sector.

According to, “The primary industries involve the production and retrieval of raw materials like coal, corn, iron, wood etc. The secondary industries involve the transformation of the raw as well as intermediate materials into different goods like the usage of steel in making cars, the production of textiles etc.” 

  • Secondary Industry 

In secondary industry, their economic activities are to turn natural resources into various types of raw materials so that they can be useful and valuable products. In other words, this type of activities were majorly done via several processing and manufacturing. They utilize the production of the primary industry to open the door for others like import export, sales and business. The examples of secondary industry are the plastic industry, food industry, leather and textile, home appliances industry and also the entertainment industry. 

In Malaysia, we have this Omron electronic components in Malaysia where it supplies and distributes electronic control components, equipment and systems with advanced computers, including the communication and control technologies. 

  • Tertiary Industry 

The tertiary industry majorly consists of the service sector. This includes a few activities where people usually offer their knowledge and expertise to improve productivity, performance and sustainability. In this type of industry, exchange and production are their main economic activities. This includes transportation, communication, and trade. The most prominent characteristics of this tertiary sector is the production of several nature services that include advice, care, experience, access and discussions. 

For another good example, the tertiary industry produces certain goods that are tangible and are most likely service oriented such as restaurants that provide the food and healthcare service provides medication and hospitality.