There are a lot of articles and news of bad stories on not handling chemical well, either the adults or children, the consequences will still give the same impacts. We were all been taught how to properly handle chemicals. Because chemicals are very harmful and hazardous. Some of the harmful effects are corrosive, explosive, and flammable. Thus, explain how dangerous it can get especially for children without knowing what they are doing and proper guidance from their teachers or the parents. There was also a recent case back in August 2020, where a huge explosion happened in Beirut. Even there was a video of the explosion and it was really scary, that killed 205 people with 6500 injuries. The explosion happened because of how bad the workers handled chemicals in the factories, they have gotten a lot of warnings as well before the explosions happened. Unfortunately, they did not change their ways and affected a lot of lives and Beirut had to rebuild back the buildings and houses affected during the explosion. In this article, I will share with you guys some of the ways you can use in handling chemicals. 

   My first guideline is to buy the right chemical. This is very important, you have to know what chemical is needed in your project or experiment. This is because some chemicals might have hazardous effects when combined with another chemical. For instance, you need to buy foaming agent in order to manage the presence of foam in your product. I am sure you are able to get the right chemical from any chemical supplier Malaysia.


   The next guideline is to only purchase the quantity you need. Apart from making sure that you are not using an extra amount of chemicals, this can also save you from unnecessary spending. The reason why to only buy the number of chemicals you need is so that before you even go out and buy the chemicals, you already structure what you are going to do and consciously aware of what you are doing. 


   Furthermore, you have to only use as directed. Sometimes we humans like to think that we know how to handle things, but this is not like any other things, chemicals are not something you can play with nor act smart with it. If the labels instruct to only use certain chemicals, you use only certain chemicals. Or if it’s written to only put a certain amount, please make sure to do it rightfully and measure it correctly before you put any chemicals in any substances. This is to make sure that your project or the substance does not explode or act differently in a bad way. 


   Lastly, make sure to keep all these chemicals in the right place. Most chemicals have to be put at room temperature because they are so reactive. But most importantly, is to make sure to keep all these chemicals in high places or hidden from children. Some children might think these chemicals are medicines because of similar behaviors. Make sure to really put your thoughts on where you keep these chemicals. You can purchase these chemicals from chemical supplier in Selangor.


   Chemicals can be dangerous, but it has its own advantages as well. With good guidance and proper handling of these chemicals, all the harmful effects can be avoided. Therefore, you have to be alert and aware of the chemicals’ presence. Add your knowledge by visiting the sigma news website.